Easterfest 2021 Announcement

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01 - 04 April 2021


A weekend of...

Fun and meaning with something for everyone!

Easterfest is a family friendly festival that includes music, special events and speakers, but wants to create an even bigger more interactive experience. Easter has a very special place in our lives and we want to share that as best we can with as many as we can. Sharing the real story behind Easter with you. We invite you to enjoy this special holiday season with us.
Locky McNeill | Event Director

What's on for 2021?


Things you should know

1. You will be part of something truly special and unique

Easterfest first appeared in 2016 with a handful of events which impacted so much that it was featured on the TVNZ Primetime News.
Last year we had grown to over 39 events over 11 locations with 10,000 people attending.

2. There is something for everyone

Make sure you check out our programme and plan your weekend experiences.
There is something for everyone and any age and stage of life. This is what helps make this festival truly unique and one you can enjoy year after year.

3. We are being prepared

We are all living in a different world from a few years again. So right now the Trustees are keeping a watchful eye on Covid19 related issues and lockdowns.
We remain very focused on running a successful Easterfest in 2021, but we remain ready to make changes if and when required.

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Easterfest is an event that would not be able to run without our sponsors and supporters.