​Easterfest is a free family festival in the beautiful location of Taupō, New Zealand. It is a pilgrimage opportunity for people to come and celebrate the most significant moment on the Christian calendar.

The meaning of Easter is something truly powerful and unique so we endeavour to include events that stir hearts and impact lives.

Easterfest partners with the following Taupō churches to host a variety of events during the Easter holidays.

Temple Productions NZ is proud to partner with all involved and bring this amazing event to life.

Disclaimer: During Easterfest please be aware video footage and photographs will be taken. If you have any concerns please contact the Festival Director.

A brief history

In 2015 Teri Walker approached the Taupo Ministers Group to see if we would support creating Easterfest in our place and context. Many of us had heard of a similar Australian festival by the same name and we were keen to explore what this could mean.

The Church had their our own Easter programmes, in their own spaces and places. Easterfest enabled the Church to do what they already did plus, because of the scale of working together, do something even larger as well.

So in 2016 the very first incarnation of the festival many have grown to love was launched. The programme began small as it took its first steps working together and wanting to do something truly special and unique here in Taupo.
To their amazement things really took off. TVNZ came and did a story on Easterfest during our Good Friday Service, which gave us some incredible national exposure.

That really set the scene and it has been an amazing journey ever since.

Before the Covid-19 interrupted Festivals, Easterfest saw on average 11,000 attendees at events across the festival weekend!

This years Festival seems to fit the resurrection theme that underpins our special weekend. We are building again post the covid affected years that we have all faced.
This is not just about doing what we used to do, it is about coming back again to reflect a new season for our festival.

"The country's first ever Easter festival is underway in Taupō over the weekend, and there are hopes it could go national"
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One of Taupō’s biggest family events celebrated every year, Easterfest is a weekend of celebrations hosted by the Churches of Taupō, giving our community a meaningful way to celebrate Easter.
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